Why is Star Quad Cable so Effective at Reducing Noise?

Star quad cables are effective at reducing electromagnetic interference due to their unique construction, featuring a star-like configuration of four (quad) conductors. They are favored in many professional audio settings. They have two main drawbacks, however—their high capacitance levels, which can be an issue for longer cable lengths, and their high cost.

Using High Impedance Headphones with Audio Interfaces

Headphone impedances vary from around 8 Ω to 600 Ω, with those at the higher end of this range referred to as high impedance headphones. These require more power to operate, so when connecting to an audio interface, mains-powered interfaces are preferred over USB-powered interfaces. Higher impedance brings some benefits to headphones, the most important…

How to Connect a Condenser Mic to an Audio Interface

Condenser mics offer a high degree of fidelity and are favored in studio environments. They are active devices that require phantom power, balanced audio cables, and pre-amps in their connection chain—all of these should be included for the correct operation of condenser mics. Conveniently, most audio interfaces provide in-built phantom power and pre-amps, otherwise, external…

What are Balanced Audio Cables?

Balanced audio cables have three conductors and carry balanced (positive and negative) signals. They can minimize interference due to the way that the balanced signals are processed at the receiving end of the cable. They, therefore, offer better audio quality than unbalanced cables.